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Happy Birthday Misa!

I just finished The Watch Trilogy. (XD I just found out there's a 4th book - must have 4th book ...)

How exactly does Alisa and Igor's story work?

At first I figured that they develop a kind of magical scar tissue? or a clot.

HAHA horrible PS work to illustrate what I mean.

Others have less magical ability then Humans and Alisa and Igor used up their own reserve of personal magic. So shouldn't that mean that they had become a higher level?

But they claim that they're as much as Human now. So did they actually fill themselves up with magic so much so that they raised there personal reserve of magic?

XD Is my scar/clot theory kind of right? I get the feeling that the explanation is really simple, but the backwards way that Others power is explained at first is making it complicated to understand. lol

Oh also, how could Kostya's plan work. Just because he can see all of the earth doesn't mean he can see everyone on it right? If that was how the spell worked then shouldn't anyone within Kostya's field of vision (including those inside of buildings or just too faraway to be noticed) be effected? Would it not have been better to get in a helicopter and fly over a densely populated city and perform the spell? XD I know time was of the essence, but space, come on.

Other then that I'm glad that Anton became a Grand Other, I hope Svetlana goes back to the Watch full time. I'd only previously seen the movies and was kind of sad that Kostya had such a small role in the first book, and was really glad to see him back in the third, but his end made me sad again. I was also sad when Tigercub died. :(

In other news, my love affair with Audible.com might be coming to an end. They want me to use 2 credits for a 22$ book. I used to be able to use 1 credit for a 50$ book. I've only been using my credits for the craptasic Disc World Series lately anyway. :"D No really good books (good as in I would listen to them, I can give a fuck about self help books and political garbage) have been put on Audio lately. I'm going to try listening to The Golden Compass because the internet says that author has an agenda to corrupt impressionable young minds.
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