☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

This is even tl;dr for me

Motherfucker! I think I need to get the USB cord on my tablet replaced. I could just be jumping to conclusions, but ARGH, stupid tablet, who knows.

The cord is much too long, so I keep about half of it crocheted together which shortens it by maybe 12-20 inches. It was working fine, well actually, now that I think about it it has been having a similar problem a lot more lately. Anyway, today when I plugged it in the USB port failed to recognize it. Usually I can plug it in and everything is fine, then bam randomly the tablet won't recognize the pen. Today it just didn't work. So I plugged it into different USB ports and nothing. So I un-installed the drivers (even though i absolutely did not want to, since the new drivers turn off pressure sensitivity in Open Canvas) and reinstalled them according to the company instructions (aka it fucking takes forever) and still nothing. So I did all that again about 3 times with the 4 different drivers available for my tablet type/system and finally got it to work with the oldest drivers available. It worked for maybe 5 minutes then stopped, but started working again when I plugged it into a different USB port (I can't remember what does it, the system or the drivers, but fucking wacom tablets created user preferences for each USB port you plug the tablet into ... it causes problems). Anyway it started working again.

I drew for maybe 2-3 hours, then it just stopped working again. I hadn't unplugged the tablet or anything. I just took a 5 minute break and it stopped working. SO I reinstalled the drivers again and nothing. Did some google-fu, which did not help much, came across one slim reference to cord/USB port wiggling. So I un raveled my cord and generally straightened the entire thing and TADA It works perfectly. :l

I'm going to become a bread baker. Drawing can go screw itself. >:/
Tags: rant, woe is me
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