☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

The situation is even worse then they could imagine

30 Days of Night = Snorefest

It's an alright (as in wait for video or tv) movie, but the already weak plot was obviously picked over by a hundred different people and rewritten and then after none of that worked someone came back in and tried to follow the graphic novel, but just failed... failed... failed... failed.

Josh Harttnet is a sexy bitch though and his estranged* wife-chan was pretty. Blah, anyway, it just seemed to go on foreverz :( The Vamps where kind of cool and the gore was nice without being overdone, but all the new characters were kind of like - whatever. :'d Also, why was JH's brother so unsexy? XD

*Why this was brought up again and again when they were a happy couple in the original story I just don't understand - I did miss the first 5-10 minutes though because the crappy theatre we went to printed the wrong time in the paper so maybe I missed something, but I doubt it.

ohyea - Ben Foster :o even all gross and moldy, I would still do the nastiest things to him.

ohyea part 2 - SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDOR! - nowz its a hate crime? XDDD [ link ]
Tags: being dumb, life
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