☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

You really want to join this migration?

Nothing much going on right now. New puppy is still as cute as the dickens. Been drawing more. Slightly addicted to browsing 100 dA galleries at the same time. And /x/ on 4chan. :'d

Posted something over at yumelicious

I'm kind of cooling on Heroes this season. I guess maybe I built up the new season too much in my mind. I love some West, but uh is anyone else catching the weird Claire is in love with a guy who's like a mesh of her father/uncle vibe? LOL

I'm totally loving Reaper (so much fan service ♥) and Pushing Daisies. Lee Pace has got the cutest face ever! ;3;
Tags: artjunks, life
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