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the desert knows we are strangers -- we could be lost perhaps forever ..

today was weird .. kinda. i didn't get to bed until about 6am and then my mom woke me up at 10am cause one of the outlets in the kitchen was on fire. she couldn't reach the breakers to turn it off, so i had to go out and do it. we don't really know how it caught on fire, well we know how.. some water got into it (it was one of the outlets by the sink) but we don't really know how the water got into it.

so after all that was over and a new plug thing was put in, it turned out that all the outlets in the kitchen (minus the ones for the fridge, stove & dishwasher) were blown out or something, so we have to call out a real electrician to come poke around :'d

hm .. so i had to get ready for work at like 1030 so that i could use what wa left of the hot water, but i couldn't blow dry my hair, so i had it in a scary 'fierce' pony tail, and my mom told me i had a cool forhead cause it wasn't too big or too small and my hair line was perfectly straight :'D i think she is going through the 'change'

:D i got to like stay home an extra 3 hours from work though, which was cool. cause i called romi to tell her i was going to come in late cause of the whole plug/fire thing, and she said she would clock me in and i could come in at 3pm TuT

:O but! i fel asleep, and had this weird dream where it was easter in the living room and xmas in the front room. and whenever i went to the front room and stood by the front door i could hear ghosts whispering about how much they liked the xmas decorations. and then when i went back to the living room the crazy old lady from across the street and her crazy daughter were there eatcing easter candy. :'D we call the crazy old lady jeepers creepers cause she is so old and evil. and in the movie that psychic lady says "it can't die cause it ate too many hearts.." XD that's why the jeepers creepers lady from across the street wont die! i know it! yes so anyway, i told her about the ghosts and she started to tell me some kind of old paiute legend about ghosts, but i woke up before she could finish .. i think it might have been important info for my non-dream life, but someone or something purposly interupted the dream.

so work was kinda boring, till claryssa came in, but i was leaving :'D we started talking about how cute hinson was XD we're so stupid. but she was telling me he has lots of sexy tattoos! :o then she told me some stuff she heard about him having unprotected sex, which was a little TMI but it was fun to hear i suppose. mostly we were talking about what a ho shonda is, cause now that tibbetts isn't paying as much attention to her, she's throwing herself all over harry and hinson ..

:o i think i need a forealz boyfriend or something now!

:'D but i am a damn lazy bastard and god only knows when i will get off my ass and actually go out and meet someone.. XD maybe i can get on one of those skanky online dating services like shonda and cloryssa?

speaking of boyfriends :'D my faux fiance (naomi's brother) is cheating on me damn him! TuT and some mexican guy keeps calling my cellphone and trying to sing me mexican songs or something .. my brother said it was my hot latin lover calling.
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