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do you know why, she won't break down and cry?

:o quicky type entry i guess, since i should be in bed :'D

so i told the chief today that i'd like to stay on at the PD and he said that was great :'D yay me, i am loved at my job that i think i might really hate deep down inside :'d he also told me that the chairwoman was actually trying to make up a position at the clubhouse just for me :o which really surprised me, cause i thought she didn't like me .. but that all might have been triffilin' ho's being triffinlin' :'3 who knows..

so um .. i have to still talk to him and stuff and make sure that me vacation is still 'go' which it had better be since i already have like 500$ in airplane tickets and i don't want to deal with refunding or whatever ..

:O man fedex is so stupid .. i ordered this clie thing from them and a memory stick. so the meory stick comes the next day even thought it was free ground shipping .. the clie itself does not come at all, so some 3 weeks later i'm still trying to get ahold of someone from fed ex / sony about where the shipment is and i finally get ahold of some ho at fedex who tells me that my package is in transit and that the delivery guy will call me within 24 hours .. so i waste like a whole day sitting by the damn phone and they never call .. so the next day i call fed ex back and they're like "oh we called .. you didn't answer.." which they so did not .. so the bastards sent my package back to sony :'D

so i try to get ahold of sony people again and end up on the online live help/support thing and the first time i get transferred to a new tech after telling the first one my problem, then the second one hangs up on me ..

XD so i go back again and i finally talk to someone and they're like "your order was shipped" and im like "..." so i have to tell this guy what happened all over again and how i live in las vegas, and the package was delivered back to san deigo (where this guy supposedly is right?) so then he tells me i have to replace the order cause i'm supposed to have gotten a refund since the package was returned to sony ..

only i ordered the damn thing on a sony account thing, and i haven't received a card or anything, and the account number they gave me (to order more crap i don't need) i left at home .. so tomorrow i gotta find the account number and reorder this thing.

i really want it cause it's a palm platform with built in mp3 and digicam which would be great on my trip since i'll be away from my comp for like 3 weeks maybe and that way i can keep up with my LJ and e-mail (maybe e-mail ..) plus cut down on bulk from not having to carry cd player and camera.. but at the same time .. it's like 500$ i could use for con crap :'D or whatever..

yes, so i also asked the chief about why there was a USB block put only on the dispatch computer, and he said he didn't know, so he called steve the MIS guy over (XD i think .. i might really hate this man, he is such a bastard) and steve was like 'well i need a USB device to trouble shoot this' XD only im the only one that uses a USB device (my tablet) at work, which is why i suspected that steve might have come in during my day off and turned this security block on just to fuck with me .. so he couldn't do anything, so i told him i would bring my tablet back in next Thursday. i could have went home and got it in like 6 minutes, but yea .. i hate him :'D

:O so i played final fantasy origins all day at work really :')

:l then my mom came in to give me some food things and i told her i talked to the chief, and she goes "what are you doing?" so i said "watching tv" (i had the game on pause cause hinton kept calling in traffic stops) so then she goes "you couldn't do that in the real world.." XD why does she always have to belittle my job? i think maybe she resents me cause i make more then her or something.

:l i think a lot of people resent me for my job .. everyone thinks that we don't do anything at work cause we have time to watch tv or play a videogame, but um hello? we're fucking dispatchers, we're kicked in the head with multitasking from day one until we are bloody and dead :'D it's not our faults that we can do 20 hings at once without fucking up while it takes all your concentration just to do paperwork or whatever they do at their jobs ..

i was talking to some friends about it, and they were totally like "yea whatever your job is so easy.." and when i tried to explain to them how stressfull it really is, what with saving lives and crap, they just laughed it off and said crap like "oh, you think your job is stressfull .. i had to do paperwork for 10 hours straight.."

XD well i had to fucking call the FBI, the BIA, 3 other jurisdictions, deal with metro, deal with my cop, get ahold of 10 people i had never even heard of and lend emotional support to the girl that came in to relieve me (she couldn't deal and i ended up staying 7 hours over my 10 hour shift), and the family of one of my ex lovers, after he got shot in the chest (at my next door neighbors house) and died .. but that's not anywhere near the grief 10 hours of paperwork :'d right?

this isn't short at all is it?

yes, so after i got off work i came home and planned to play more FFO but ended up setting the game tv up so that i could watch cable tv on it :D then i got back online and poked around OC some, started talking to swiftsword and marbles about ragnorok online

XD that game is so neat and all i've done is like kill some of those poing jellies.
:'d i'm a mage thing and my temperament is wicked for some reason .. maybe cause i keep killing the jellies, but i don't know how else to lv-up XD
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