☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Hello Alice

Resident Evil: Extinction

Where the fuck was Jill? (Or Chris?!) XD

They didn't even do a flash back or make mention of her.

We don't need to see some random guy guess the content of unlabelled canned food for however long that scene went on for; we need/want to know about cannon characters. :(((

But I guess you don't need Jill when you got Ashanti shaking her ass all over the place for 20 minutes.
(I really hope someone randomly punches her in the face)

Stupid Claire didn't even have anything to do (except be all angst-y and emo). LJ had a more interesting story then her. :(
That's not the Claire I escaped from zombie island with ... LULz

Eh, whatever, I still liked it.

The Monster looked alright, but why bring in a wannabe bander snatch when you can uh, make up something new? Or if anything, why not a tyrant that's resembles something closer to the game ones? (aka not comical looking) XD

They totally pulled a Buffy out of there ass for the ending. I love them for that though. ;3;

PS Wesker looked bloated
Tags: movies, resident evil
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