☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

The Artifact and the Living

D: I've started playing WoW again ... I suck at life ... ;3; but I kick ass at WoW! LULz

There was some junkz I wanted to share with everyone, but I can't remember half of them and I'm too lazy to bother with the rest right now.

I doubt anyone ever remembers what this is in reference to anymore.

ps - HP7 Spoiler: Snape Kills Dumbeldor!

LOL Through some miracle I avoided any type of spoiler for the book on the iontrawebz.

I finished it in about 2 days (only because I was too tired to read more then 3 or so chapters the day I got it), but not because I couldn't put it down, I just read fast. I liked it.

I don't understand the people who criticize it for the way the author writes.

Are people really picking up Harry Potter and expecting Shakespeare?

It's Harry Potter bitches, there's a fucking cartoon on the cover. Get over yourselves?

:"D I also don't really get the people who go about saying things like "It's for kids" or "I never got into it"

If you're not into it then why do you have to point that out?

I don't like onions on my hamburgers, but I don't bring it up while I'm eating cereal. :'d
Tags: artjunks, lulz, mully, wow
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