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if i ever feel the light again, shining down on me; i won't have to tell you how welcome it would be

You are Alice
You are Alice

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http://caffeineangel.friendtest.com/ <- go take my goddamn friend quiz, damn it :'D

i didn't know how the scores were supposed to go, so when i kinda figured it out, i changed them, but it didn't change the results from people who had already taken the test on the highscore page.

hm, so today i was supposed to get up at 10am and get all ready to go pick up socks from the vet, but i set my alarm wrong and didn't get up till 1130am, luckily i had taken a shower really late the day before, so all i really had to do was brush my teeth and wash my face.

:'D socks is seriously messed up. he's all shaved on his belly, and arms from the surgery and IVs, and he has to wear a cone on his head so he won't mess with the stitches and to top it off, he was so freaked out that he peed on himself the whole ride home. XD all over my mom (which i love him for now :'d)

yes, so we get home and now my mom and brother want to sleep, so i got left alone, and played some FFO, clarion told me about the side game you can play on the ship so i got a ton of gil and bought the most expensive armore and weapons and some of those crazy ass 3rd level spells which cost like 1500gil.
everything in FFO freaking cost money :'D it's insane. the place i'm in now it costs me 100gill just to save my game.

hm .. so then my mom got up from her nap and made me hold socks while she 'washed' him cause he smelled like cat pee :'D and that crazy bitch was using those dove face clothes to wash him, only she wasn'y rinsing him off, just like rubbing the soap in. so i told her she was a crazy whore, and to go look for the cat wipes (which are like extra smelly baby wipes for cats) but she couldn't find them, so i told her just to put some scented lotion on his back away from his stitches and stuff, and she had the nerve to say that i was going to poison him by putting lotion on him XD but it's oke to cover him in soap ..

:'D the kids were over during this, and the youngest one, raiden (he's like 4 maybe) kept trying to like 'help' but he was just getting in the way. so i kept telling him to go sit down, or just go away completly. and my mom tried to tell me that i was mean XD the little bastard was talking back to me and shit, and im the mean one cause i don't want to deal with his spoiled ass while i'm trying to keep socks from getting hurt.

so they left finally, and it was just us again, and she wanted to let socks out of the room (we have to keep the kittens seperated from the other cats cause my cat ta has lukemia). im still trying to play some ff0 just waiting for buffy to come on. and she keeps asking me to get up and check on crap, like she thought someone had knocked on the door. or she wanted a pair of scissors. then she was hungry and she wanted me to cook something, but it's my stupid day off and i don't want to cook, so i told her i'd order something or go get something, only i don't have any money cause her and sammy have broken me for the month with the cars and school crap. so she ended up paying for chinese food (70$ and she got all upset, but when it's me paying she can give a damn :'D).

by then it's like 750pm and the food is here, and fucktard sammy took socks' cone off, and he's such a fucking retard that he can't get it back on. so i had to get up again (i swear to god i had to get up like 500 times today, no exageration .. it almost wasn't worth sitting down) and get the food, and of course sammy is taking his time puttng socks' cone back on, so all the outside cats ran inside while i had the door open for the delivery guy. and of course my mom didn't get up at all. so i had to get the food and bill from the delivery guy, run back into the living room (which is like on the other side of the stupid house from the door) and get her to sign it, since it was her card.

XD oke, so sammy has been going to school for some 20 years, and his stupid ass doesn't have a pen? how the fuck is that possible? he says he doesn't have pens. paper or pencils :'D wtf? how the hell does he do any school work?

anyway, i had to look around for a pen for my mom to sign the slip, and the first one i found didn't work, so i had to find another one. so my mom signs it and i take it back to the delivery guy and he finally gets to leave, and i notice that she didn't give him a tip :'D this is when i finally got angry..

so then sammy finally gets up and he goes into the kitchen to get plates and crap, only instead of bringing everything at once, he makes like 4 trips bringing like a plate or fork one at a time :') so it's like 759pm now and i'm trying to get into my room to watch buffy, so i put the food near my mom and open everything so she can just grab whatever she wants. and i grab a lo mein and head to my room, and i can hear sammy saying 'that's so wrong.' and i know he's talking about me, so i go back into the living room (missed 5 minutes of buffy so far) and both of them are mad at me cause i didn't serve them both :'D

so i went back into my room and watched buffy and ignored them.

then simon called around 840pm and they both tried to act like nothing had happened, and i told them i didn't want to talk to anyone, but of course sammy doesn't listen and he brings the phone to my room :') so i told him very loudly that i didn't want to talk to anyone, i know simon heard me. :'D poor thing, always caught in the cross fire.

so then my mom was going to bed and she brought socks in to say goodnight to me, so i told socks goodnight and ignored her and sammy :'D

so ends my night cause right now i am going back into my room to watch some cartoon network crap :D
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