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A few weeks ago my mom and I caught that episode of Oprah with the Netipot and we've been doing nasal irrigation ever since and loving it! *o* LOL

Originally we turned to Jesus the Internet and learned how to make one at home, but today we finally got the real one we ordered in the mail.

I think I injured myself. :'D Or I'm having some kind of reaction to the prepackaged salt packets that came with the netipot. I dunno, but when I did it for the first time with the real netipot, afterward I kind of felt like I got punched in the nose. It doesn't hurt-hurt, but it's definitely tender just under my nose and like in the area of my gums above my front teeth. And kind of in the cartilage on the left side of my nose, so I guess it's possible I pushed on my nose too hard with the netipot, but I don't think I did. XD But I also have a very high tolerance for pain, so it is possible that I did push on my nose too hard. Maybe ... LOL

XD All that being said I do still recommend the netipot. Until this year I had moderate allergies, then BOOM severe allergies and since I've been using the Neti I've been allergy free and can breathe so much better. ;u;

Other then that not much going on. I am totally loving KRO2! ;u; I ♥ u Harp (Not linking for now since I won't be f-locking this) I've remade characters about three times. Right now I have a LVL 4 Novice named Booth with a LVL 4 weapon named Temperance. HAHA (I am never going to catch up with everyone else) XD I thought about making him whatever class uses the guns but I think I'm still going to stick with my original choice and make a swordsman.
Tags: being dumb
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