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gee whiz :o..

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[04:45] * glasses thinks neopets is an evil cult dedicated to brainwashing teh people.
[04:45] uriel O_______O
[04:46] crisann :'D *is completely lost*
[04:46] uriel Yume is my 5th most costly user
[04:46] yume costly?
[04:46] * crisann goes to sign out...
[04:46] * uriel beats up yume
[04:47] glasses weezus!! :o
[04:47] * ChamChi scoots away from the crowd. D:
[04:47] yume :o those neopet toys where like um .. ver simple video games. like those little tetris keychains you can get. but there's like a large play feild thing where you can play with a little plastic model of a neopet and get neopoints and petpet things i think
[04:47] * yume is trying to remember the commercial
[04:47] glasses tamagotchi-like?
[04:47] uriel yume might actually be the 2nd most costly user
[04:47] yume :o i am costly?
[04:48] uriel because he does not use a proxy
[04:48] yume :D yes, like tamagotchi
[04:48] yume :o whats a proxy?
[04:48] uriel 505915k transfered to you in 129 visits this month
[04:48] crisann X'D i need help
[04:48] yume XD omj

i eat bandwidth for breakfast damn it !! XD

hm, uriel says there's nothing i can really do about it. so i guess i won't worry about it much. :'D i've been thinking of switching to sprint highspeed modem, but it'd prolly just be one big headache cancelling cox and getting sprint all set up.

so today we took sock and angelo to the vet to get fixed and when we went to pick them up only angelo could come home because sox had 'ripped some stitches'. this really upset my mom. she had been calling the vet every hour to check on them all day. so she called the vet again to see how socks was and it turned out he was bleeding into his abdomen cause some (or one?) of the veins from his testicles had come loose and was bleeding out, a lot. so they were going to do some more surgery on him, which upset my mom even more.

so i made her rearrange the living room with me to get her mind off of things :'D

:o we only got like half way done when the vet called to tell us that everything was alright with socks. they solved the problem without having to do more seriouse surgery. and they waived the fee for the extra surgery things since it was a complication from the nuetering. which really really helped since the extra surgery was going to be an additional 300$ on top of the 275$ it cost to get both socks and angelo fixed in the first place.

XD oh man, i think i am going to take the chief up on his offer to stay at the police department. he finally talked to me on thursday (2 days before my supposed last day.) and asked me to stay. i told him i thought it was time that i left, since i never wanted a career in law enforcement to begin with, but he told me that if i change my mind i was welcome to come back and that he would try to get me a transfer to the golfcourse (like i had wanted). but after talking it over with my family and some friends, i think i've decided to stay with the PD. it is a really good job and i did like it at one time. maybe i will come to like it again? :'d i can only hope i suppose.

XD my tape The Sea Prince & Fire Child came today. it's really sad. everyone dies. i think this tape might actually traumatize children if they watch it or something.

Which Hinata girl do you embody!?!

I'm Naru!

© Jenny

Which Love Hina Girl Are You?
The girl next door, through and through! You have a kind heart and a good sense of right and wrong. Your down-to-earth nature doesn't allow yourself to become swayed by petty distractions. Your pretty face and a sweet soul draws admiration and respect from everyone around you! Do be cautious that you don't become blinded by your morals and ideals. Sometimes, to get along with others, you must be willing to compromise and offer a little understanding.
Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

:D i am naru damn it. just like kawa is motoko.

:O there's a new forum at unixdaemons!! for selling/buying things kinda. it's called lost and found, i think i will post some stuff i have been talking about selling on ebay :'D

XD i put a new post in the lost and found trying to sell that stupid intous pen i bought by accident.

i was going to put up those fushigiyugi tapes, but i guess it's time for bed :'D
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