☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Dreams ... and a warning

Every now and then I have what I call a Real Dream. They have a different texture to them then normal dreams and most of the time when I can remember them they have messages in them or they show me glimpses of things I shouldn't see.

:'D I meant to post this earlier. I think that it was important, but something keeps telling me to forget about it.

:O Watch out for the "little God". That is the gist of the message I suppose.

This is probably irrelevant now since I took so long to remember it. :'d

Or maybe it was more like Be wary of offers from "little Gods", I dunno everything was in the wrong language and the word for "little God" uh wasn't a word or it was, but it was one that no one used anymore. Or it was like a name that was also a noun. I don't know if that makes sense. I got the impression that I was being tricked when I was told about the "little God". Possibly it was a nickname.

:'d Anyway, I think someone in a position of power is going to make you a very enticing offer and you should consider it very carefully before blindly accepting. this is just my interpretation/feelings. I don't think this has to do with your Mr. G, but I don't know for sure. Maybe you should be on the look out for Waitresses(/Hosts?), soup, rain (or rain clouds or thunder maybe it's unclear), meetings involving food? XD I get the feeling that some of this stuff is important, but that maybe it's all a smokescreen at the same time.

In another dream I wasn't myself. I was in a large group of people who had all been kidnapped (or taken). I got the impression that we were living game pieces of some kind.

I came in during a down time between "moves" and our group had found some kind of night club that was closed down. Whoever I was I knew how to use the extremely complicated computer systems that ran everything (there seemed to be people from various times in the past and future), but most of the features were encrypted or locked down for the night. I got some music playing and turned on some kind of holographic karaoke machine, but no one got to use it because we were being forced "back into the game" and only had a short amount of time to get to a "crossing" area were we would all join new groups.

Our group broke up and everyone was re-grouping and going in different directions. I got the feeling that this was an important move of some kind. There were a lot more people there then there usually was during one of these "crossings". Some people/pieces were being "removed from the game" via accidents etc. Someone from my old group was being "removed" and had fallen into the water and no one was trying to save them.

Then a robot (who I suspect was also a ninja XD) that had also been in my old group saved them and they joined the new group I had joined (I don't know how I was added to this group or if I even chose to join). Then at the last moment before my new group was going to enter some kind of transportation portal that would take us to the next area I saw a girl I knew.

I remembered that she was my friend and that we had been taken at the same time, but we had instantly been placed in different groups before we new the rules of the game and hadn't seen one another at a "crossing" in a very long time. (I think joining a group was partly your choice, like whoever you were playing for could suggest to you that you should be in a certain group, but ultimately it was your choice - which made the game even more difficult at times I suppose).

When it was my turn to go into the portal, I changed my mind and jumped off the platform we were on down to a boat that my friend's group was going to use to get to the next "move". I joined their group (it was a group made up entirely of girls for some reason) then called for the robot to join us even though he was man shaped, but he declined and I got the feeling that I had upset the entire game and that during the next "move" a lot of people were going to be "removed from the game".
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