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Yes, yes they have

The Pokemon have consumed my soul ...

XD I wish they gave you more options to customize your trainer since you're allowed to go online and all, but they don't. XD I guess if you register a boy as a friend he appears as the psychic guy, I dunno what the girl is. I have ippus set as a friend, but being on different sides of the earth doesn't make it easy to meet up. :'D

I drew this for someone I've been playing with when I was trying to describe which NPC he appeared as in my palpad.

In other game news, I re installed that french RO server and played for about 5 minutes before I got bored. XDDD I've got an account on the high rate server and have 3 characters ranging from lvl 350 - 600+ and had spent so much time trying to get the blush that I didn't know I was high enough to pretty get any headgear in the game now XD if I got back I'm going to get a droop cat. Maybe the slow way too were I have to make the dye! :O
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