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i'm not afraid of happy endings -- i'm just afraid my life won't work that way

XD omj (<- this is my new favorite word, it means ohmyjesus, i plan to say it all the time from now on) i am tired and my lips are all sore and hurty from biting them while i finished this:

sarah michelle geller

i started this like 4 day ago i think at work and decided to use it for a tutorial im working on. i had planned to finish it up at work the next day, but when i plugged in my tablet i got a security warning saying that USB devices weren't allowed on the computer anymore.

:'D wtf? how the hell did that bitch shonda get fat as steve to come out on a weekend and do that? and how much must she really really hate me to go through all the trouble just to keep me bored at work? so i spent that day (it was Sunday) in the back office where the computers still allowed USB devices.

the closer it gets to the 26th the more stuff i keep finding out about the chief and shonda (and daniel to some extent) that makes me so so so glad that i finally decided to leave. i can't believe what asses they all are.

word on the street is that shonda is going to be fired. usually i don't pay much attention to word on the street, since the street is usually the old hags over at the smokeshop or chris wilson maybe, but i heard this from within the office, so i think it might actually be true this time.

so yes besides work crap, i need to have a personal intervention with myself and stop going to ebay damn it X'D i've spent about 170$ on ebay in the last week and all i wanted were those two out of print anime tapes from sanrio.

:O omj! shufu (i am just remembering this) found me a copy of l.j. smith's heart of valor on this aribis.com site. i've been looking for a copy of this book for almost a year and the only place that sorta found it (it to was out of print) was amazon and they wanted like 150$ i got it for like 23$ on aribis thing. :'D i love shufu so much it's sickening..

whatelse ..? :o oh i gave remy a livejournal code. so now only kat, pj and dustin don't have LJ's :'D i will convert them somehow. also gave her a bishoujo.net email since i have like 10 and i only use 2 (1 really and it just gets major pr0n spam XD). i think i will ask kawa and shufu if they want a bishoujo email. they're the only ones i can think of that really only use free mail services.

i also have caffeineangels.com emails (i don't know how many) but i've never set any of them up :o i should do that.
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