☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

hello hello

lol i am typing this with a qtip, because my nails are wet and i think my wpm is actually improved. :(

also, i love sarah silverman. lol

oh also, part 2, i got my taxes all straightened out. i am getting about 2.5k back. and i am yet again filled with rage that my lazy brother is getting 7+k back. >:(

I've realised that I have to either get a super fabulous job that pays crazy mad cash or a super crappym one that barely pays anything so that i stay within the "right" tax bracket otherwise i'll end up having to pay the government moneys. :(

or i can go back to school.

none of those options is very appealing to me right now really. i'm kind of a horrible person. :')

ps - i just cleaned up my flist a little. :( i really hate updating my flist thing in semagic. i actually get stomache cramps sometimes from thinking about people who might un-friend me. lol i really am kind of a horrible person XD lol mostly i just deleted dead journals and communities, but there were some btvs comm things i took off. :'d it sucks but i think i've finally lost interest in the btvs community (the community, not the series) i never really check any of the comms i'm in. :( i made myself sad a little.
Tags: being dumb
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