☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

TAXES - ugh ...

I have problems with filing my taxes every year.

Old Lady: Can you help me? I am unfamiliar with this form.
Old Lady shows the form to Angry Black Lady, who is one of her supervisors/seniors.
Angry Black Lady doesn't even look at the form, she fiddles with the computer mouse, doesn't actually click anything.
Angry Black Lady gives Old Lady a dirty look.

Angry Black Lady: I. Ain't. Doing. Your. Job. For. You...
Angry Black Lady walks off muttering more about how she "ain't doing no ones job"
XD Then when the old lady goes to the angry black man the angry black lady chimes in about what the old lady should do without even knowing what the hell she is talking about because she refused to look at any of the paperwork.

Then when the angry black man messed up the claim he says to me "That 4k fee is wrong, you shouldn't owe anything, but that's how you have to file your taxes" XD WTF? I wondered then if I should let him file the claim incorrectly (since he knew and admitted that it was wrong) then sue H&R Block?

XD In the end the old lady helping me just stopped working on my return and gave me back my paperwork. She knew that her supervisor was filing the claim wrong and so did the girl who is going to do my taxes tomorrow, but because those two were the current supervisors on duty the less senior employees couldn't tell them that they were both wrong and ignorant. :'D

I know some of you are sitting there thinking that I'm being racist because I bring up the fact that it was two black people who screwed up, but OMfG they both just freaking oozed with the stereotypical lazy/angry black person attitude it was ridiculous. If they had just taken 60 freaking seconds to actually do their jobs instead of giving people bad attitude then the entire situation would have been rectified.

:') I guess ... as long as I don't end up owing the IRS 17k because of an error again, everything is ok? LULz

In other news I got my nails did. :D Airbrushed french manicure, so awesome.
Tags: rant, wtf
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