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Pan's Labyrinth - OMG WTFBBQKTHXBAI~ XD That little girl annoyed me a little. She took forever to do everything, even the simplest crap. None plot related example: she wants to go outside and play - should be easy. Go outside. Play. Oh no, not her. She'd probably take a freaking 3 year sabbatical to India on the way out the door. The no-face thing was neat, the faun was ... ok, I suppose.

Children of Men - I saw this with the wrong person. It was like that time Fry got a Brain slug, and the poor thing starved to death (XD I love my friends!). :') It was a lot sadder and bloodier then I thought it would be. I could see this again. <- emo wah wah XD

Blood and Chocolate - As equally AWESOME as it was NOT-AWESOME? XD I liked it, but ... eh, I guess it could have been better. Pro It's very much a modern day fairytale with out pushing the fact that it's a modern day fairytale down your throat / Con Hugh Dancy doesn't take his clothes off >:( The dialogue got corny/lame at the end.

Epic Movie - :'D I laughed pretty much through the entire movie, but it's not really that funny. XD I expected it to be a lot better then it was. I could have waited to see this on cable. I really did laugh through the whole movie though. :'D Stifler's mom ... <3

In other news, I bled from the nose like a person that bleeds from the nose. :D And Christopher Eccleston on Heroes = SEXY. I await the Peter/Claude slash. <3345cats7
Tags: being dumb
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