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and if you got no other choice, you know you can follow my voice

omjesus i don't know what i'm doing :'D it's really weird, cause i used to live this whole 'life without regrets' (like the song says) where i never knew what the hell i was doing, but now .. now i'm just used to doing what other people tell me to do. and in a week there won't be anyone but me to make up the rules again.

i am such a geek.

i should go read up on go. i wanna play shufu again and actually know what i'm doing. i used to play go forever ago, back when i was really into online games like at yahoo & msn, but then i lost interest in online games and i've pretty much forgotten how to actually play go aside from 'capture the stones'

hm .. so it's been really weird at work. i cam back on thursday and both the chief and shonda pretty much ignored me. so i went and played on the computer in the clevengers old office.

i talked to david on friday and he told me that that position at the resort was already filled (in house) so that kinda sucks. he's going to keep an eye out for anything else that's not the smokeshop.

XD i got distracted by mens thongs on ebay ill maybe write more later.
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