☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Oh Captain Jack, you Drama Queen, you ...

What movie was this plot from? XD Or am I just thinking about that episode of Supernatural with the hillbilly hunters? :O Orrrrr.. Was it just like one big Resident Evil flashback?

Also, WT-eF?! Why is Gwen humping Owen?? :(((

(I like the sad sad-my-girlfriend-was-a-cyberman guy, I can't think of his name. :'DD Ian?)

HAHA XD I'm being dumb. :'D I seemed to have downloaded a weird copy of ep 7. The original audio has been stripped and replaced with some woman giving half-ass descriptions of what's going on on screen. Is this for blind people? XD Wouldn't it be better to leave the original audio and if there were too many noises happening to lower the audio by half then have someone voice over what's going on? I heard the time/location text read then nothing at all as the girl walked through the woods, the next thing said after that big bit of silence was "so and so gets slapped"


I need a Torchwood lj icon now!

I don't know if I would like this show as much if I hadn't watch the original Series One of Doctor Who (I miss Barbara D: Damn you Dodo!).
Tags: being dumb
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