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What is your purpose here?

Has anyone here read Cujo before? And if yes, did anything weird happen when you did? Especially involving doors?

When I was 10-15ish (I'm not exactly sure how old I had been, but it was at the very least 10 years ago.) I started reading an old paper back copy of Cujo I had picked up at a used book store that was on the way from my Jr. High to my house. I had to stop because when I got to the part about the monster in the closet, the closet door in my bedroom would open on it's own and swing open a few inches. XD before that the door had never opened on it's own and once I stopped reading Cujo (abandoned at that part of the book) the door never opened on it's own again.

I recently downloaded some 20 Stephen King books in audio format, but I ran out of space on my ipod when trying to add them all, one of the last ones I added was Cujo, so I started listening to it the other day. I didn't get that far into the book before I had to take a break, so I didn't get to the part with the monster in the closet again until about 5 am yesterday morning.

When that part started I was sitting in the living room with the TV off, my brother half asleep on the other couch. The door to my mother's bedroom shut and latched itself. My mom had left for work about an hour earlier and no one was home except my brother and I. The cats, most of them in the living room with us,all froze in place and looked en masse towards my mother's bedroom.

Since that happened everyone has been seeing dark shadows out of the corner of their eyes that appear to be vaguely animal shaped.
Tags: ghosts
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