☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

I've been watching the Squidbillies marithon all night :'3

so I've decided to crush on a Corbin Fisher model. :D

He's a hottie right? XD

XD I am seriously thinking of splurging and getting a membership at CorbinFisher.com. LULz (I've never paid for pr0n online before :"DDD). Speaking of, does anyone know what happened to Rafe? XD I remember one of the last thing I talked to him about before he left the iontrweb... was how the only online pr0n either one of us would ever pay for was corbin fisher or randy blue. :'D Also I miss him so! ;o; ~

I think that my entire family has gotten ill from our little trip to New Mexico. We're been trying to go see Night at the Museum for five days and changed plans everyday. XD Also we all pretty much spent Thursday visiting doctors. My mom actually went to a quickcare without telling us and spent about five hours waiting and only saw the one doctor on duty for about 3 minutes. :'D So I decided to be nice and let my mom and Sammy pick where we ate dinner and found out that El Burrito puts mint in their soup! :o

XD <- has secretly been trying to recreate that soup at home for like 4 years. ;o; No I know your secret El Burrito! It's on like Donkey Kong.

Oh yea, speaking of doctors, the guy I go to for diabetes is a total hottie nerd (and his name is Dr. Calvin, sexy yes? XDDD), but I think I have to switch from him to the no nonsense lady doctor. :') He's way to preoccupied with I dunno what, but I don't think he's actually helping me. I've seen him about 6 times and besides renewing the perscribtions the doctor before him gave me, he hasn't done anything. The last doctor I was seeing was doing blood work and all kinds of tests on me each time I came in so that he could get me on the right type of pills and the right dose for me (my current dose isn't really working as well as it should, my glucose rarely goes below 200).

Also, the podiatrist that works for the diabetic clinic totally want to sex me up. :'D And if he wasn't married or something I might let him. XD lol He's good looking, maybe in his late thirties, but he wears an old time suite jacket (I can't think of the exact name, but it's way out of date) and thick rimmed um horne-rimmed maybe glasses, and greases his hair or slicks it with pomade. That all sounds like .. it's not good looking, but it's retardedly cute.

Anyway that's all from me tonight, I'm going to go lay in the dark and finish up my audiobook; Stephen King's Insomnia. ;3; I like how it rife with Dark Tower referances.
Tags: books
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