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I know Simon will read this and leave an anonymous comment LULz

XD Ok, so this is just freaking crazy and I've been putting off writting it up. Partly because I'm afraid that it's not over and partly because even thinking about it is like putting a cigarette out in your own eye. :')

When I got fired from the Resort the first thing I went out and did was put in a few job applications. I didn't know how to list for refferances, so I listed Simon as a proffesional referance and called him to let him know (even though at that time I wasn't really talking to Simon anymore because of the bullshit he had pulled a few months ago when he missed the bus). I decided to give him a (Honestly I don't even know what chance this was for Simon, I think maybe 4th or 5th XD but I'll say 3rd) 3rd chance and we bagan to speak again.

I told Simon that I wanted to go visit Kawa and Jen and he said that I should come visit him instead. My first reply was "No." I hadn't liked my previous visit to Silver City and I had been there less then a week. Then Simon said that if I waited until November that it might be possible for him to come to Las Vegas. So we started planning.

The plan was this: Simon would fly up to Las Vegas before Thanksgiving, stay with my family for Thanksgiving, then He and I would drive my car back to Silver City, NM. I would stay with Simon for a couple of weeks then we would both drive back to Las Vegas on December 15 and Simon would fly back to Silver City on December 17th. This way all Simon had to do was buy a round trip ticket and I would pay for the gas and food on the drive down and back.

Easy right? Especially since we made these plans about 2 months before Thanksgiving, right? Wrong.

Initially I told Simon that I would try to help him pay for his plane ticket because he didn't have a job. But he told me that he would be able to pay for the ticket because he had just gotten a fantastic job as a manager in a bar a friend of his had recently opened. I said ok and figured that since he wanted to pay for the ticket he would make the arrangments.

XD So it's a week before Thanksgiving and Simon still hasn't bought his ticket. I ask him what's up and he says that he doesn't have the money for it right now (or a credit card) so I told him I would help him pay half and put it on my credit card. What was originally a 100$ plane ticket now cost 300$ because it was so close to Thanksgiving. But Simon says that he can come up with 150$ and I get the ticket. I tell him the departing times and confirmation numbers 3 days before he has to leave.

The day before he is supposed to fly out I call Simon to make sure that he has all the info he needs (even though I had already given it to him.) All of a sudden there's a problem, the departing time for the first flight is too early. He can't get to the airport until after noon because he doesn't have a car and is catching a ride with someone.

XD Now during this I'm supposed to be helping my mom arrange a Thanksgiving dinner for like 30 people, but I have to spend half the day on the phone with the travel agent then the airline itself (don't use expedia.com they do not honor the insurance they offer in case you need to change flight times.) and all in all the ticket is now 600$

Eventually Simon get's to Las Vegas then proceeds to ignore everyone and sneak off whenever anyone needs help. This was especially shitty when he left Thanksgiving dinner before everyone was finished and hid out until the clean up was over.

XD OK, now New Mexico...

On the second day that I was in Silver Simon takes me car to school without asking and crashes it into a brick wall. The mechanic said that it would take nearly a month to repair. The date he gave was around December 21 or later.

Before I agreed to go down to Silver I asked Simon if he was out of school and if he would be busy with work because I did not want to be stuck in his house or by myself all day long. He told me that he had one final on the Monday after Thanksgiving then he would be on winter break. And that he only worked 2 days a week for about 5 hours a day. Turns out this was not true. Not only did Simon have school 5 days a week, he worked 6 days a week also. I only saw Simon about 2 hours out of any day.

The way I figure it is that Simon hates his life and is so miserable that he fills his day with insignificant clubs and inane groups that keep him busy almost 20 hours out of any day then he comes home and sleeps for a couple of hours and repeats the horrible process over and over. I figure once he alienates his last friend in Silver, Kinsey, he'll kill himself.

Anyway, So from day one Simon acted like a dickhead. When I got there he had about 3 weeks of dirty dishes and weird damp rags in his double sink. I made some food for both of us (which he did not eat) and used a pot, a plate, a fork and a glass. I set the pot to soak and Simon griped about how I had dirtied his entire kitchen and that I would have to clean it. XD At first I thought he was joking, because aside from the few utensils I mentioned before the kitchen was exactly the same as when I got there. It turned out that Simon wanted me to wash all his dirty dishes. XDD

Simon's house has a spare bedroom. The first time I went to visit him he was using it as a storage area, so he gave me his bedroom and he slept on the couch. This time though he had cleaned out the spare room and said that since I had to stay a lot longer then I had planned to because of the car that I could rearrange the spare room anyway I wanted to (there was still a lot of his junk in there from when it was a storage room). So the first thing I did was move the bed away from the windows (which were not insulated and let in the cold). Figuring that since I really would be there a long time I might as well pick up the room and make it more homey for myself, so I put all the things that Simon had left out in to the closet.

XD Now, this was supposed to be "my room" now, but every morning Simon would come in and stink up the place with his cheap ranch-hand avon cologne because he insisted on keeping his scarve and hat in the room, even though it would have been easier just to keep the two items in his own room. The first morning after I moved everything when he came in, he pretended that he didn't notice that I had moved anything, then that night he looks in the room and says very loud and with fake surprise "Oh! You moved everything! ... It looks nice." he didn't say anything for a minute then goes "If you moved my school books you'll have to put everything back the way it was." (not you'll have to get my book back, I would have to completely put the room back the way it had been) as if I were a child who had done something wrong. XD But I hadn't moved his school books, so the room stayed the way I had moved it.

Since I didn't have a car or know anyone I was pretty much locked in the house. I had brought my playstation though because I had known there wasn't much to do or see in Silver so I spent a lot of my time playing KingdomHearts 2. Each time I played I would get my PS2 out and hook it up and when I was done for the day I would pack everything back up because Simon said that if I left the PS2 hooked up that he would trip over the wires (even though they weren't in the way).

Simon had given me a loose leaf notebook to write in when I talked to the insurance company. A cheap thing you take notes in. I opened it to the back because I didn't know what Simon used it for and didn't want to write on anything he might need for school. I later checked the entire thing and it was pretty much blank. the only notes Simon had made in it was about a party he wanted to plan last year. So I started doodling in it because I didn't feel like pulling out my laptop each time I wanted to draw anything.

I used it for about a week, in front of Simon to doodle after I had finished most of the stuff with the insurance company. Then one night Simon threw a fissy-fit. He said that I was writting on his school notes on purpose. I told him that I wasn't that there weren't any notes in the notebook. He then said that I was making his home unlivable because I refused to pick up after myself. XDD

This is were I got pissed off. Because Simon's house was fucking filthy before I even got there. I don't mean that there was a big mess everywhere though, he kept most of the rooms "in order" everything was in it's place, but that was as far as it went, he never actually cleaned anything. Everything was covered with layers of dust and grim and god knows what. I doubt he had ever scrubbed his tub or toilet since he has moved in (And Simon would take a huge shit each morning and let it sit in the toilet until he got home that night, I learned to flush to toilet before I lifted the lid in the mornings unless I wanted an eye full). I actually cleaned more things in Simon's house then I did in my own XD Junk that I usually let my brother do because I'm lazy. But even me, the fucking slob that I am, could not live the way Simon does.

XD Man I don't even know where any of this is going anymore, it's all out of order now. Anway after that night I packed up all my things and put the room I was staying in back the way Simon had had it before I arrived and arranged for a way to leave. The next morning after Simon went to school I left without telling him, I just left a note itemizing everything that he owed for the ticket and the insuarnce deductable (all of which came out to 1000$).

OH! XD This was my favorite. Simon had me rent a car after the car was put in the shop, but I told him I didn't see why I needed to rent a car since I didn't have anywhere to go in Silver and it would cost like 100$ a day and for that price I could pretty much buy a cheap used car. But we did hit the grocery store while we had the rental car and I bought about 200$ worth of food. The entire time Simon was rolling his eyes and making snide comments about how I was buying too much and he didn't see why I needed to buy food at all. So I explained to him that if I was going to be house bound for a month I needed food in the house, to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner XD like a normal person. So the morning that I left Simon's sister came over, she had agreed to come over and give me a ride to a u-haul place because none of the rental car places would let me drive a car out of the state (fucking gay right?), she's kind of down on her luck and getting over a drug addiction, but she's getting back on her feet. XD I packed up all the food I had bought for Simon and gave it all to his sister. I even put all the gross old dishes back in the sink that had been there when I arrived. So when Simon came back home that night his house was exactly how it had been before I arrived.

:'D lol

Oh and xmas wasn't really ruined exactly, but it wasn't very fun either. the car took nearly a week longer then the mechanic had thought it would. We had planned to drive back down after the first of January to get it because we were planning a big family xmas dinner, but the mechanic was going on vacation after the xmas week for 3 weeks, so we had to drive down three days before xmas and then drive back home on the 23rd. All in all the entire Simon fiasco probably cost us about three thousand dollars and everyone was so preoccupied with the car that no one really went out to shop for xmas. We exchanged our gifts on the 23rd and I didn't really get anything aside from some things I pretty much bought for myself. XD

So my mom says we're going to redo xmas in January after everyone has fully recovered.
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