☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

I've created a new journal!

I am not deleting this journal. Expect more memes and yume-drama. :'D

I've moved a lot of my Not Work Safe Manips and Drawings over to this new journal and will be posting anything of a similar nature there from now on.

I refer to this journal a lot IRL/offline and would rather have any new acquaintances be gradually weened into some of my more interesting interests. X3 LULz I've been meaning to do something like this for a while, I've always wanted there to be some separation of anything pr0n-y and this journal (XD As hard as that is to believe). Especially when it comes to distant family members who are young or just being introduced to the iontrawebz. But hey I'm not trying to hide anything, so I'm leaving this entry open to the public just incase anyone does actually take the time to read this journal they can't come back one day and say something like "OMGz j00 kept all this stuff secret!" XDD

;3; So please friend yumelicious!~

I'll try to drop a note here whenever yumelicious is updated

Please note that yumelicious will contain images and entries that are not work safe. Anything with hard core pr0n or overt sexual nudity will be placed under a lj-cut, but some items of non-sexual nudity will be displayed from time to time (even if the entry came from this journal and had previously been under a lj-cut.)
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