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are you only half alive; or have you always been this inarticulate?

[04:28] [%] geek-gurl> Do you guys think my penis is too small?
[04:28] [%] clarion> I'm sorry gg...I can barely see it XD
[04:28] [%] geek-gurl> I think I would just be like, "Eeeww... you're into
[04:29] [%] clarion> hahaha
[04:29] [%] geek-gurl> I knew it!!! Oh god... my small penis will be my shame forever!
[04:29] [%] yume> XD
[04:30] [%] yume> jesus i got online like hours ago just to update my journal and i haven't even opened up the ljclient

** me clarion and GG talking about phonesex and small penises :'D

oke, so today i over slept (a lot), but still managed to get up in time to be ready when my mom got off work. she wanted to take her new car for a drive. to mt. charelston. :'D so i ended up driving. it was so boring.

being surrounded by all those trees was pretty cool. i get a little psychic charge from copious amounts of nature. but the drive itself was just like long and uneventful.

so then we went to see nicole (to show her the car). played some buffy on xbox with mariah and sammy (that little ho borrowed my game just as i got to the last level, so i have yet to finish it). i might go see christina aguilara and justin timberlake in concert with mariah and kathleen :'D *yume is a fangirl, yes* my mom is going to see if she can get some comp. tickets. if not we have to buy them soon :')

after that, we went down to see lucy (to show her the car too) lucy tested my blood sugar level (all i had to eat before that was like chili fries and generous amounts of dr pepper) so my blood level was like high

XD jesus, i keep getting distracted from witting this.

so lets see. at lucy's we talked about the methlab place behind the police department. cause it belonged to my uncle leroy's (lucy's husband - lucy is also my aunt cause she is my moms sister, leroy is my dad's cousin; i have a weird family) sister patty (she died of an over dose in that house - i cant remember if that was before or after they found the methlab in there. that place is full of bad spirits. i hate walking past it at night, i can feel whatever's in there watching me through the charred burnt out windows). so if you read any of the crap in parenthesis you kinda know what a piece of crap this place is now. and it seems to be in my uncle leroy's name now, since patty died (which everyone assume is why it caught on fire. everyone thinks that linda's boyfriend jesse set it on fire cause patty didn't leave the house to linda). i heard the chief talking about condemning that place and having it tore down. i wish they would just finish burning the damn place down. that land is tainted, nothing good will come from it ever again.

so after we left lucy's house, we went to this shoe store (my mom is always looking for shoes for work, but never finding any. she's way to picky about it.) then we went to best buy and i got the spirited away DVD (lost a 5$ deposit at suncoast now, but god knows when ill get to the mall again) and a bunch of games. money i really shouldn't be spending :'D

then we came home and watched angel (it figures that now that buffy is ending and stuff my mom and brother are finally getting into buffy and angel). then i got online to update my journal, but ended up cleaning out the BY at OC and sitting in chat.

then shufu sent me to this anime DVD place and i spent another 125$ on a couple of import box sets (region free :'D).

then i got to looking for these rare anime movies i used to watch when i was little (i've been looking for them for years, but they're out of print) and i found them both on ebay! :D i got "Hosei no Orufeus" ("Orpheus of the Stars") & "Shiriusu no Densetsu" ("The Legend of Sirius") i can't wait for them to arrive.

it's like 2am and i have to be to work at 2pm tomorrow. i think im off to watch the end of spirited away, then im off to bed :D
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