☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

I got blisters on my fingers! (not really, I just like Family Guy...)

James McAvoy

I did this in painter 7. I hit up DA for some paintere 7 tutorials, but kind of struck out on the coloring one I picked (it used brushes my painter didn't have.), so I had to go back and find a new one. I guess .. with practice I could molest some nifty art out of painter 7, but I think .. I could probably do whatever I wanted in photoshop 7 without having to reffer back to a tutorial every other minute, maybe. XD Or! I might just color in painter from now on if I can memorize the brush settings the way I have in photoshop. :')

I draw hearts sideways!
Tags: artjunks
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