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once there was a time when all seemed strange

:'D i am so tired (again) these last few days have been a whole lot of getting up early, and going to bed late. it's not all bad thought.

so i got the truck (yay me) :D and i lucked out with the insurance, i got in under my moms policy which saves me some 500$ a month. and the car payments are like the same as the red car (which we're dumping back on nicole) so it's like a kind of cancelled out thing.

:O yes, so we went to get the truck (me and sammy) and then i realized that if we do get the truck i'd be stuck with two cars and only one driver (sammy has epilepsy and can't drive -- that damn bastard), so i called david ( i needed to talk to him anyway about insurance after my last day on the job) and asked him if i bought him lunch would he come get the car.

so we did that, and we went to lunch and david told me that there was a opening at the resort for a concierge type person (really just someone who can answer the phone and take down gold reservations) which i would be so goddamn perfect for it's frightening. (omg .. if you read this regularly remember when i had to call the resort about the fire thing and talked to yoko? well that's who's job it used to be :'D) so i asked him if it was possible for me to get a transfer out there before i leave the police department, and he said it was a real possibility. he's going to get back to me about it.

:o i totally forgot that his birthday is a week before mine, and missed it this year. he told me that antuan took him to disney land for his birthday (it was his first time ever going).

:'D i tried to call my back doctor today to make an appointment and couldn't get through. cause i'm a part of this study that has to do with the surgery i got. something to do with freshly harvested bone (which they use to fuse the vertebrae) and freeze dried bones (i got the freeze dried type -- which i preferred since the fresh bone, they take out of your hip and from what i've heard hurts more then the surgery) anyway, so i couldn't get through and asked my mom to call while i went and did all the insurance/car/IRS crap and she couldn't get me in till may 1st (which is why i need insurance after the 26th)

hm .. what else?

i had to talk with the people from sony (and the bank they use) forever (which i did while waiting at the car dealership) i used my cell phone number (or something) and they couldn't confirm that i was actually me. when i applied i had to do this 'test' thing where they ask me if i lived on like 5 various streets and crap. i've had to take this testthing before, but i failed last time :'D it kept trying to say i owned like 5 houses in 5 different states or something the first time. but i got everything squared away and my clie thing-y should be here tomorrow, i hope to put it to good use during acen.

oh yea, i also played on 'whiteboard' with shufu today, it's like open canvas, only it uses MSPaint (which is crap), still cool though, i drew fruit and fish.

:O buffy was so cool tonight. faith is a damn sexy bitch. (so is spike :'D). buffy has cool wavy hair, i want cool wavy hair. :'D is it just me, or was anyone else all like 'yay' when that potential got her arm all broken like? i read some spoiler thing about this episode, so i knew how it was gonna end and stuff. i got the feeling that whatever caleb has of buffy's might have to do with the demon stuff inside of her. like maybe he got a dose of it (maybe the bit the shadow men meant for buffy to take)?
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