☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

(HolyFuckingHell!!!) The One Where Yume Decides to Destroy Nickelodeon

:"D OMGz .. I just signed up for a turbonick/nicktoons/godfreakingwhatevernick name so that I can watch Cat Scratch online. It took over 30 freaking minutes to figure out how to actually watch a full length episode. XD This bullshit from a site aimed at kids i.e. even a child should be able to figure this out with relative ease!

Also, the entire assed-up-website is some kind of over sized flash animation that doesn't resize so it doesn't fit into my web browser without a scroll bar but none of the links (or whatever they are called in flash) match up unless you scroll all the way down. :"D I did not figure this out until after I had been forced to watch that stupid/ghetto commercial for Reese's cereal with the ethnic girls dancing for some guy with a video camera 14 times.
Tags: being dumb
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