☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

I AM PSYCHIC! Happy Birthday Johanna

Being with out a job, is so boring. I really hope I start getting some calls soon. (I've only applied at like 4 places though, cause it's the weekly minimum to stay on unemployment and I don't want to exhaust all my choices.)

And, uh, I've applied for unemployment! :'D lol it's crazy and so freaking involved, I don't understand how lazy people get on unemployment. I applied about 2 weeks ago and my claim is still under investigation.

My oldest cat (we had her for about 15 or so years), Buffy, got killed by some stray dogs a few nights ago, I'm doomed to be/stay depressed? XD At least we're hoping that it was stray dogs. My mom caught this guy living with our neighbors trying to feed a kitten to our neighbors 10 starving fighting dogs and called the cops on him. we've had a problem with three stray dogs from the closed down trailer parks on either side of us for about 5 months and when we got outside the strays were in our parkway. But since my room is right next to the front porch I hear all the "porch noises" and it didn't really sound like dogs and the metal latch on our gate was broken, even the cops were a little doubtful that dogs could break that latch. :l

Or possibly I am Lindsy Lohan like and Simon has stolen my luck? :O lol (I am talking to that fool again :P and he's like rolling in dough from a side job slinging drinks for overthehillfags and uh generally having a good time. Something is so wrong about that. ;u;)

On the good side, I've gotten to watch a lot of tv (Gokusen anime!) XD I've even started watching the old William Hartnell Series of Doctor Who & The Simple Life.
Tags: johanna, simon hate
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