☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

I ate half a bag of sugar free gummi bears! let us see what happens ..

The other day one of the girls at work asked me if I could find an Inuyasha messenger bag for under 30$. I found a ton, but the best discovery was a region free copy of Day Watch (Дневно́й дозо́р, Dnevnoi Dozor) for 12$ with english subtitles! hoho :D I guess for 12$ you can't expect awesomeness, the subtitles freeze and seemed to be translated in a half ass manner, but you get the point.

But, OMG I can't wait for the third movie. :'D The end of Day Watch ... omg, omg haha, I scare myself. XDD

I also watched Kingdom Hospital. The entire series, in one sitting. :x I had tried to watch it when it was on TV, but I missed the first couple of episodes and the plots too conveluted to follow if you don't pay attention to everything. XD I originally bought The Journals of Eleanor Druse on audiobook and liked it much more then the television series. I liked the idea put forward in the book and the show (it's a major plot device in the show) that all time exist at once. Also, Andrew McCarthy has gotten old, but he's still a motherfucking sexy bastard :') Oh and i Antubis too. :) lol

My mom had to have some minor surgery on her wrist/hand for carpeltunnelwhatever. The whole operation too about an hour or 2 and we went grocery shopping afterwards. The medical center gave her percocet for the pain. Before I had my spinal surgery I had some HMO quack put me on a high dose of percocet, I almost overdosed and got a tiny addiction to the stuff. :') Anyway, she has not slept for like 24 hours (some small naps) and I might smother her with a pillow if she makes me do one more stupid thing, like move the couch forward 3 inches or go outside to see if the street is wet after it rains. :"D LOL

This guy is hot! :o
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