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when ever i'm alone with you - you make me feel like i am whole again

jesus jesus jesus XD (<- my new favorite catch phrase)

i should really be asleep, but i'm paying bills :'D (i've been slacking on the bills recently cause i over paid like 75% of them and have credits everywhere).

yes, so today ..

XD jesus, today was freaking cool. oke, so i got up late, and had to rush around to get ready, cause we had to take 5 cats and a dog into the vet today. but my mom was late getting home, so all that worked out. we've been getting these letters from the vet saying bring *petname* in for all these animals, but when we got there it turned out the kittens didn't need to come in, it was a computer error. so they lucked out. all that went good, my cat (the one with feline lukemia) is doing really good, no signs of sickness yet. the rest of the cats (and the dog) all fine.

so, since im leaving my job my mom said i should go try to get a car before i leave, so that i can use them as a refferance thing, so i was gonna say lets to car shopping (since we got out of the vet like 3 hours earlier then we though - and i just wanna say i love our vet, they totally waved the office fee for us, prolly saved us like 200$). then my mom says just what i was thinking. so we have been talking about this forever, so we already knew what we wanted. a camery with air conditioning, cd player & power doors and windows. so we go to desert toyota, and spend like 4 hours there, but all worth it cause we got the camry (sp?) the luxury one with all the bells and whistles :'D my mom actually got it. (we had planned to get it in my name, and have my mom co sign, but her credit was so good it was way cheaper for her to get it alone)


i'm prolly going to get a cute little tacoma. i had wanted a spyder (spider?) i've wanted a spider since i was 8 and they had the cutest little silver one :'D but i decided to think of the family and we decided we needed a suv/truck thing more then we needed a pimp mobile. so i gotta go back in tomorrow and see what kind of APR the dealer can get. if it's not too outrageous we're gonna get the tacoma. :D

so a couple days ago three of the credit cards got denied at the walmart :'D so i'm going through the bills and old mail tonight and found out that one got replaced (i found the new card in the old mail) and i don't really know why, cause it wasn't about to expire or anything. and the other one got cancelled (this one was about to expire) but the bank didn't give me any reason as to why it was cancelled. the third one, i think prolly got demagnetized cause as far as i can tell it's still current and ive been paying it regularly. *shrug* :'D i think i can pretty much live off my cards at acen this year maybe.

i have this odd feeling that i've just finished something huge, and somehow i've been given a new chance to start again. like when you die in resident evil and can restart your game from the last save :'D
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