☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

gaygay post, teh gays will love it.

Happy Birthday js_ & normallife! :D

XD Man, I am retarded or something. I've been downloading the new Doctor Who on BT and it freaking took forever because I was torrenting Dr Who and not Doctor Who. :"D

in other news I am fucking exhausted ... all the way down to the bottom of my poptart flavored soul. :DDDDDD

I took a week and a day off from work to go work a indian taco booth with my grandma in Utah and ended up coming home half a week early because my cousin was shot and killed. We had to rush his Sing because my granpa's 1 year Sing was the same week so I went from Taco-Hell to up all night cooking for vatos-hell. XD

:( Anika at work quit for a better job so now I'm all alone and bored at work. XD OH! and jesus, I've only been working there about 2 months and I leave for 1 week and things freaking fall apart. :"D I don't remember if I told anyone about the big 'fight' I got into with one of my co-workers over locker keys, but we have like 80 or so locker keys for men and women and when they were first given to us this asstard didn't log anything so like 30 keys went missing and instead of taking the obvious blame this dick-tip decides to try to use me as a scapegoat and start some shit. XD Anyway I come back to work today and every single locker key for Men was missing. Not just inuse, but freaking gone. we don't know i'f we'll get them back. and it costs about 10$ per key to replace them. So that's like $500 or so dollars. XD Also some other stuff was seriously fucked up and I had to like ... 'calm' our boss down and skool her. :"DD

eck, anyway, I'm feeling dumb and stupid because I'm not so sad about my cousin, but I feel sorry for myself because my life isn't 100% the way I'd have liked it to be just now. :') I'm a wonderful human.

ps (for teh brits) is it worth lying about my nationality to watch the tardisodes (oh and what exactly are the confidentials?)? and is there anyone out there that can give me a dr who breifing type deal. I get the premise and all, but I know there were like a million and five previous series. XD I kind of regret not watching it when they used to play it late night on scifi.

pps - eccelston was great, but tennant is what my wet dreams are made of :") seriously, someone had a direct link to my brain the day that boy was created.

Tags: being dumb, woe is me, work
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