☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

FYI - I am alive! XD

Ok, so here's some stuff that been going on.

Still feel like I'm recovering from the wedding. XD

I got into a fight with this old guy I work with. He accused me of trying to set new Policies when all I did was send out an email letting everyone know there were some locker keys missing because no one was using the in/out sheet. Then, he goes over our supervisors head and sends an email to managment about me. How the fuck you gonna chide me for supposedly cutting managment out, then go do it yourself? :"D He's probably like 70, so I won't have punch him in the neck, I can probably just wait for him to die of natural causes.

Um, got tired of Simon being a Cunt-Princess and told him that we aren't friends anymore and to not come back to las vegas, ever. Also - Simon, I'm glad you had cancer. I hope it felt super-great! :D

I volunteered for the Pow Wow, but I could only go after work. So by the time I got there everyone already had their little systems all set and I ended up doing food runs a lot. I got very dusty, very cold, and very fat because I pretty much ordered something for myself everytime I got someone else something.

I have a folder at work with a ton of crappy doodles, I'll see if I can scan some tomorrow on my day off.

haha i got distrcted by mully while writting this, so it's lame andjunk
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