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oh snap and update!

I uh, actually did some drawing today ...

I drew this for Brenna because I couldn't make it to her performance of ByeBye Birdie.

And this may be the fucking cutest thing ever.

ps - She's not a cat, she's whatever that thing at her feet is. X3 It reminds me of a devilruchi from RO, but not retarded. :"D

pps - I really have like 4 other drawings that I've started, but haven't finished saved, but I don't really feel like working on any of them.

In other news, work is freaking awesome x10! XD it's weird, but it feels like I've been working there forever and the PD was years ago and it's only been about 3 months.

*sigh of relief* My cousin recently got married and it's so nice not to have to come home (I did a lot of wedding work at work too XD) and not have to stress about wedding stuff.

Um, and oh! I was on this grapefruit juice diet for like a week. It was too vague about what was allowed and what wasn't so I went off of it and have decided to just excersie more and eat smaller portions through out the day. I've actually lost about 35-40 pounds since November. I don't see the change, but my mom says I'm not as pudgy as I used to be :"DDD

what else .. Oh, I quit FFXI since Tsao and Mully aren't playing anymore and I've restarted playing WOW. I let my cousin use my lv 40 preist and when Blizzard reset all the preists in the world he respecced me as Holy, and I'm gay at Holy XDD So I started a Warlock instead to reaquaint myself with the interface. Warlocks rock.
Tags: artjunks, brenna, wow
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