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it seems the storm has passed

tired so tired :'D but the good kind of tired. i can't believe how much better i've felt since i decided to leave my job. i've been sick for the last 4-5 months, sore throat, fever, headaches, ect. i've been fine since Saturday.

so today, went into work, meant to get the last of my mp3s and favorites links from the computer, but ended up watching tv, trying to ignore the radio when i could. talked to taure forever about silent hill 1 & 2 (i think i might play silent hill 2 over and try for the leave ending). then i drew some more lineart for the coloringbook.

strings of fate

i did the color in photoshop. tried to do the hair, but kept messing up. :')

the characters are from the webcomic strings of fate. i finally found the new link (http://www.stringsoffate.com)

i colored this too

i meant to color it in photoshop (prolly still will) but i couldn't sleep, so i tried my hand at oekaki skin tones again,

XD omg someone just tried to cyber with me or something on yahoo. i really freaking hate yahoo, there's nothing but perverts on there :'D

nicholas_142003: hi
me: hi
nicholas_142003: i am a gay
me: :D neat XD why me?!
nicholas_142003: are you
me: yes
nicholas_142003: how many years
me: all my life
nicholas_142003: have you sex with a male
me: yes
nicholas_142003: do have photos
me: no, sorry :o i don't want cyber freaks having pictures of me
nicholas_142003: do you have any gay photos
me: no oh jebus ..
nicholas_142003: which country are you
me: usa
nicholas_142003: how old are u
me: 24
me: you?
nicholas_142003: 20
nicholas_142003: i am from singapore
me: cool
nicholas_142003: how many times did you have sex
me: um .. 5 i guess here i thought he meant with how many people :'D
nicholas_142003: okay
nicholas_142003: if you have sex with men will anything happen
me: um i dunno the sky rains fire, but i didn't want to scare him away TTuTT
nicholas_142003: okay bye
me: bye

yes, so .. when i got off work we washed the cats cause they all have doctors appointments tomorrow and they're all damn dirty little bastards. the kittens didn't like the blow dryer :'D the black one played dead till he was dry, and the white one tried to kill me by jumping and hitting me in the face with his face.

:O omg, i was looking up memory card prices for a memory card for the digital camera and i got pulled into the sony.com webpage (again :'D) and ended up buying a clie thing with a digicam and mp3 player. i applied for (another) sony card and i got it! XD i think i might buy a video camera or something.
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