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"We may not avoid our destiny" - from the Oculatum

It feels like I haven't done anything productive today. I don't know why, it's been semi-busy at work today.

I bought some cheap-o speakers that hook up to my iPOD that don't sound cheap. XD I bet the IT guys hate me for coming up with ways to get around all thier self-imposed rules. :"D (my new laptop should be arriving today or tomorrow X3!!!)

Thank God the day is almost over. I want to go home, change, then lay around with all my cats and eat marshmellow squares. lol

:( Speaking of cats; all of our cat's got really bad respitory infections (Think of 8 cats laying around puffy eyed and sneezing every couple of seconds.) We took the 2 sickest in to the vet and they gave us enough antibiotics for 10 cats plus refills. XDD That was about a week ago, everyone's feeling a lot better now, but now the outside cats have started sneezing too and one of our inside/outside cats hasn't been around the house lately. We think she might be dead somewhere. :( But she's the type to wander off for a few days, so we don't really know.

My 15 minute break is almost over.
Tags: being dumb, woe is me, work
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