☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Fatal Frame 3

:O omdfgsdj Why the fuck wasn't I informed that this came out last year (11/05?) XDDD

ok, so The main girl in this one looks exactly like shufu swear to jebus. XD It's totally weird to play, cause I'm all like watching her walk around and like get attacked by ghosts and I'm like "OMG Shufu NO~! Run! Run!" XDD

It feels like taking pictures is easier. I've been getting a ton of fatal frames and combos and shutter chances.

XD ok, so FF3 is taking a note from SH4 and your main character is pretty much a shut in who has 'dreams' of a ruined old manor where she gets chased by ghosts. AND your roomate is Miku from FF1 (who totally has a creepy lesbo crush on you XD) and she's having the same dream.

oh D: and the camera...

XD ok, so you have to upgrade 3 alternate-universe type versions of the camera obscura. One for the main girl, one for Miku and one for this other Guy. That's a little annoying especially since I keep missing all the good hidden ghosts and secret ghosts and getting crap points from my random battles.

XD anyway, the story is kind of beginning to bug me. The main girl is some kind of reporter or her boyfriend was a reporter, I forget, but she spends a lot of time researching what's going on with her dreams and the Camera Obscura.

:O What is bothering me is that they're trying to make it seem like the events of game 1 and 2 didn't really happen. that they were both supernatural-dreams that Miku and Mio had because they had lost someone close to them and The Manor is some kind of ancient magnet for sorrow/evil that lures in the suffering then slowly kills them through the dreams.


XD ok, so the creepiest thing IMO: walking downstairs in my normal non-dream ghost free house and seeing a pair of legs peeking out from under the curtain covering my closet.
Tags: being dumb
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