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watching the day slip by so fast, knowing my fate has long been caste

:O i've been drawing again!!

i love it when i draw. :'D

o_x there is totally something in my eye (again!!) .. i suspect that it wants to molest my poptart flavored soul ..

yes, so here's what i drew :') you will love it too. or i will beat you up (a lot)

john and aeryn from farscape

david boreanez from buffy/angel

and the orlando pic i poster a couple of days ago. all for the new room at OC

so what happened today you ask? :'D more drama at work .. so first i get in and shonda has finally put out the new schedule (finally) and that whore has me working 2p-12a then coming back in at 7a-5p :'D why does she hate me? why?

so i showed it to cloryssa (why? i don't really know). you know what she told me? :'D man, it was the best ever. she said that shonda "had to" make the schedule like that, XD had to! she had to, or the world would end .. really, that's how she stressed it. cause if she didn't put the schedule like that, then cloryssa would end up working a triple shift. so then cloryssa left before i could kill her with her own face.

so i looked over the schedule again, to see if what cloryssa said was true, and it was not. it so was not, that the only way that cloryssa could work a triple shift is if i killed myself, daniel and shonda, leaving only romi and cloryssa to work, even then she'd prolly only have to work a double shift maybe .. ¬_¬

so i paged shonda and told her i was not going to work that shift. and that if we changed every ones Sunday shifts (this was the one day that was totally fucked up for everyone) back to match the rest of the week, then everything would work out and no one would be working insane shifts with little 6 hour breaks in between them.

:'D so she called me back and was fucking pissed off that i dare question her schedule that she worked so hard on. and i didn't know how to make a schedule cause the way i suggested would leave 2 hours off my shift or some shit. (all i had to do was add two hours to my Sunday shift cause i had been looking at shonda's shift when i wrote it and she has her self working 8 hour shifts, while the rest of us work 10's).

so then the chief came in and he wanted me to explain the alarm system (which i have been telling people 'security' that it's been broken for the last two weeks) so i explain the alarm system to him, cause someone had been filling his head with filthy lies about how they worked for the smoke shop (when in the 4 years i've been there they have not - another thing i've brought to the attention of past chiefs and security) so then he asks me what's going on with the schedule (i dunno maybe he heard me and shonda arguing) so i showed it to him, and even he said that wasn't right. so he told me to remake the schedule and he'd go over it in the morning.

he leaves and shonda calls back all sweet as sugar. telling me i can remake the schedule .. i think she is the fucking devil. i don't know how she knew that the chief was going to override her, since she's not even in the same state right now, but some how she did. anyway, i told her i was remaking it already. so i told her how i redid it (which was the same as before except for the additional two hours) and she was all like. "oh you have to get daniel's approval if you want to change his shift that day." and im sitting there going 'wtf?' i have 4 years seniority over daniel, how the hell come i have to ask for his approval? shonda didn't ask for my approval when she made her fucktastic schedule.

so i said whatever, and called daniel, got her 'approval' ..

then all this shit happened with this guy who supposedly got that whore inez (i have used the word whore like 20 times today :'d) down the street pregnant .. i was telling simon about it and he told me that she got picked up on the outside for drugs and prostitution :'D man how the hell is inez-the-dog-faced-girl a fucking prostitute? she's only 14 and goddamn the ugliest thing i've ever seen (well not counting jose i suppose, and people who had alligators eat their faces ..)

then i said some really mean things about how ugly inez is :'D i am so going to hell i can feel the fires.

simon is saying something's about how inez isn't that ugly (he is a friend of that family) he is so lying cause he knows that ho is ugly. so i told him:
"simon don't try to sugar coat inez's face .. the sugar will turn to salt, then that salt will turn acid crystal and eat away her face .. oh wait that might be an improvement."

:') im not good people.
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