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I need some HELP!

:'d I'm looking for an Inuyasha ending song called Come by Namie Amuro. It's like the 6th ending theme I think. I dunno :')

Anyone have this mp3 or know where I can find it? I used to use kazaa.lite for random anime mp3s but the newest version of kazaa is like .. retarded and I lost my install of the old version. :(((

revolutionary girl utena - rinbu revolution

Romaji Lyrics English Translation
isagiyoku kakkoyoku ikite-yukou    (Just a long long time)tatoe futari hanarebanare ni natte mo    (Let go of me)Take my revolution
Let's go on living our lives heroically, with style.    (Just a long long time)And even if the two of us should be separated,    (Let go of me)Take my revolution.
hikari sasu garden te wo toriai [1]chikaiatta nagusameatta "mou koi wanido to shinai yo" tte
In the sunlit garden, hand in hand, [1]we drew close, and soothed each other with the words:"Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
sonna tsuyoi kessoku wa katachi wo kaeima ja konna ni takumashii watashi-tachi nolifestyle    everyday, every time(every time)
Our unity was so strong, it changed its formAnd now our lifestyle is so robust...everyday, every time(every time)
hoho wo    yoseatte    utsuru sashin noegao ni   sukoshi no   sabishisa    tsumekonde(Revolution)
I'll take a bit of my loneliness, and cram it insidethe smile I have in this picture of us cheek-to-cheek.(Revolution)
isagiyoku kakkoyoku ashita kara wadaremo ga furimuku onna   ni narutatoe futari hanarebanare ni natte mokokoro wa   zutto issho ni
As of tomorrow, I'll be such a heroic, stylish woman,everybody will turn and look back at me.But even if the two of us should be separated,our hearts will always be together.
[Short Instrumental]
[Short Instrumental]
ai wa okane de wa kawanai tteshitte-iru kedo "I" de okane wa kaeru no? [2]TEREBI de itte'ta
They say "Money can't buy love."I know that, but can love buy me money? [2]They said so on TV.
mukandou mukanshin kiri ga nai newakai ko minna sou da to omowareru no wafeel so bad!    doushou mo nai ja nai(I feel so bad)
Apathy, indifference...It's so endless.That they think all young people are that way makes mefeel so bad!   But how could we help ourselves?(I feel so bad)
demo ne    watashi-tachi    tomodachi no kotonani yori   taisetsu ni shite'ru    kitto otona yori mo(Revolution)
But you know, I believe we care about our friendsmore than anything, and surely more than grown-ups do.(Revolution)
yume wo mite namida shite kizutsuite mogenjitsu wa gamushara ni   kuru shi [3]jibun no ibasho sonzai kachi wa nakusenaijibun wo   mamoru tame ni
Though I dream, cry, and get hurt,and reality approaches now, frantically, [3]I can't lose my place in life and my self-worthjust to protect myself.
I'll go my way   modorenai sorezore nomichi wo erabu toki ga kuru   mae nikonna ni mo konna ni mo taisetsu naomoide   tokihanatsu yo
I'll go my way. No turning back. Before the time comesfor each of us to choose a different pathI'll release the so precious, oh so preciousmemories.
Take my revolution.   ikite-yukougenjitsu wa gamushara ni   kuru shijibun no ibasho sonzai kachi wo mitsuketaikyou made no   jibun wo  [4]
Take my revolution.   Let's go on with our lives.Reality approaches now, frantically.What I want is to find my place in life and my self-worth,taking who I've been up until today... [4]
isagiyoku nugisuteru hadaka ni narujiyuu wo mau bara no   you nitatoe futari hanarebanare ni natte mowatashi wa   sekai wo kaeru
...and heroically stripping her down until she's bare,like the roses whirling in freedom.But even if the two of us should be separated,I will change the world.
Translator's Notes:
[1]"Garden" is the reading given for the kanjifor "niwa" (garden)
[2]This is a play on words.   The Japanese word "ai" (love) sounds the same as the English word "I."   If someone were just listening to the song, without the benefit of the having the lyrics, he/she would think it was the Japanese word "ai," and so I translated it using "ai."
[3]"Gamushara ni" can mean "recklessly, frantically"
[4]Interpretation of these lines depends on where you think the phrase "kyou made no jibun wo" (who I've been until today) fits in.   It could theoretically could go with "mitsuketai" (I want to find), although it would be kind of backwards (but hey, this is a song, and song lyrics often change the normal way things are said... ^_^v).   If this is the case, the lines "Jibun no ibasho sonzai kachi wo mitsuketai / kyou made no jibun wo" could possibly be translated as "What I want is to find my place in life and my self-worth, and who I've been up until today."   However, "kyou made no jibun wo" may also go along with the next lines, "isagiyoku nugisuteru hadaka ni naru / jiyuu wo mau bara no you ni" (and this is a more normal word order in Japanese). In that case, the lines "kyou made no jibun wo / isagiyoku nugisuteru hadaka ni naru / jiyuu wo mau no you ni" can be translated "Heroically, I'll strip who I've been until today down until she's bare, like the roses whirling in freedom."
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