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no--i'm no ones wife, but oh i love my life; and all that jazz!

it's like 6:30 am and i should have been in bed hours ago, but yea ..

so instead of sleeping i took some more pictures of myself :'D i am such a dork sometimes it scares me .. really

these two came out kinda blurry cause i set the camera on zoom then stuck the damn thing like right on my face :D woo camera-face!

the sad thing, is that's these are prolly the best pictures i've ever taken, all the result of too much caffeine and a sore throat :')

i wish my hair was naturally that wavy, on it's own it kinda gets fluffy and straight. i wore my hair up in a twist all day, so yay soft curls/waves when i took it down. usually i have to blow dry my hair straight for it not to look like total crap. :l

:o man i really shouldn't wear my hair up, it makes my giant face look even bigger then usual :'D
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