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He's a brooding emo rock star. She's a vacuous high school student.

They've avatars for reality. Something like yin and yang.

An unknown force has kept them seperate from one another from birth.

This creates two tangent realities with alternate histories/fates/destinies.

The Boy's band goes on tour slowly bringing him closer to the girl.

The closer the two get to one another the more the two realities fight for dominance creating wacky hijinks. :D

I want to get a group of artistic/creative people together and do a comic type thing based on this idea.

I don't want it to be exactly linear though, more like small vignettes using minor characters that meet or know either the Boy or Girl and how things change for them up til the point when the Boy and Girl meet for the first time. Then maybe wrap the whole thing up with Boy and Girl stories that touch back on the previous stories.

An example for one story would be about a girl who goes to school with the Girl and how she comes to class one day only to find out that no one knows who she is anymore because the entire class has shifted into the Boys reality except her.

Lemme know if you're interested in working on something like this.
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