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New Layout! (not really XD I just fixed the old one ...)

D: Why is LJ code so ... Simon like?

Any-hoo, I cleaned up the little sidebar thing and made it look more like it supposed to be there and not just tacked on. Also changed/fixed like 90% of the links in the sidebar and added a few new ones. ;u;

How do you guyz customize the new s2 layouts? I tried to create one and edit it to see what the coding was, but all I ever got was a little tabbed box where I could check yes or no in boxes. :(???

I wanna make my icon appear on my mainpage in each entry (and have it change when I use a diff icon on an entry). Does anyone know how to do that?

I have been extremely lazy/laid back ever since I decided that I was going to really leave this job. :'D It's stupidly like when people say a great weight has been lifted. I've been thinking of maybe putting in some applications around town. I like working for my tribe, but, I dunno, if things go bad with the transfer or whatever I might just saw whatever and find a job on the outside. I got the distinct feeling that the HR guy did not really believe me when I actually got down to listing the crazy things the Chief and Lt. have been saying or doing.

PS - I have had Burger King for dinner for the last two nights :"D I feel thoroughly full of gunk. Tomorrow I'm going to eat so many Mc Donalds pancakes! *o* :D
Tags: woe is me
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