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i fell in love with love

last night i got really tired around 9:00 pm. so i thought i would maybe go to bed early, something i haven't done in a very long time. but as soon as i got into my room, i was awake again. so i thought i'd watch Sunday in the park with george, cause i love bernadette peters and her character.

i have this large box (like what a medium/large TV would come in) next to my TV stand on the floor. i use it as a makeshift table for when i record crap. it's filled with tapes, most of which are btvs. i was pretty sure my Sunday in the park with george tape was in there, so i had to move some 30 tapes, to open it. :'D i had forgotten that i didn't really put the tapes in the box in any real order, so i ended up going through the entire box.

somewhere i forgot i was looking for the Sunday in the park with george tape and started going through my btvs tapes. since the first 3 seasons are already out in dvd box sets & the 4th is coming out in a month or something, i thought i would seperate all of the tapes with seasons 1-3 on them to be recorded over.

some 400 tapes later .. really, thats not exagerating, i counted..

turns out, i had like 3 copies of seasons 1-3 on tape (from FX) and had kinda stopped recording the episodes in order during season 4 ..

so i have like all of buffy seasons 1-3, 5-6 and a couple of eps from 4 and 7.. but, about 200 of those 400 tapes aren't labeled, so the episodes im missing might be in there somewhere ..

i watched this years girl, who are you, restless, weight of the world and the gift. restless is one of my favorite episodes of buffy. i think some of my favorite buffy episodes are the ones with dreams (except nightmare .. which was kinda like 'eh' aside from the nude xander bits :'D)

i really wanted to watch who are you cause i picked up this cheap-o book about btsv and philosophy. it starts out with desectting the relationship of good and evil between buffy and faith. a lot of the stuff i read (in the first 18 pages) was very similar to some crap i posted in replies to this buffy-(hardcore)-thinking/something community about why buffy never gave up her spot as slayer even when kendra and faith came into the picture.

after i <- i forgot what i as going to say there

i tried to play the vampire game the other day, but my vampire had been erased again, and someone had taken the name (with a capital S) so i signed up again, and donated 25$ to the creator guy and told him about how my vampire kept getting deleted (it's happened like 5 times). so hopefully now i won't get deleted :'D and i got some cool vamp-y powers.

here's my bite link, click it and join up so i can be yo daddy yo! http://quiz.ravenblack.net/blood.pl?biter=seraphim

today when i came into work cloryssa got kinda like snippy at me cause i asked her if shonda had told her that she would be working my shift on friday (for my birthday) and she got all huffy and said you need to call shonda cause shonda had told her that daniel would work my shift .. so i was like "well if she said it was daniel then oke." cause all i wanted to do was make sure who ever was working knew they had to work, cause the schedule hadn't been changed.

so cloryssa got on the computer and pages shonda .. then cloryssa left (wft? you know..?) so shonda calls the office looking for cloryssa, so i had to run outside and yell for cloryssa. so cloryssa came back in and talked to shonda, then left. so i got on the line with shonda and asked what was going on.

shonda told me that she had asked daniel to work my shift, but then saw that he had to come back in the next day like 8 hours later, so she had then asked cloryssa to work it. and she didn't know what the deal with cloryssa was cause she knew she had to work it ..

:'D and that was how my day started out..

i don't know what's up with cloryssa either. at first she was really cool, very stupid, but not an ass like lisa or just an ass .. but lately when ever i ask her to do something or try to help her out with stuff she gets all indignant. i think someone is going to have to have a talk with her about senority. i may not be her supervisor, but i am her fucking senior by (i am mad all of a sudden for no reason :'d) 4 years. i do know what the fuck i am talking about.

like today, she says that some 'guy' called for me, but didn't want to leave his name. he asked when i would be back in and she told him my schedule. so i told her that you're not supposed to give out any schedule information and if people ask, tell them you don't know or i'm not allowed to give out schedule information. she she gives me this you don't know wtf you're talking about look and says "well shonda gives out schedule information all the time.." i know for a fact that shonda does not give out schedule information, because she's one of the main people here that get harrased by bill collectors or just stupid people and has put out numerous memos about phone conduct. so i told her, from now on, not to give out schedule information, regaurdless of what shonda does.
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