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crazy anime girls and thier anime boobs :"D

Blah, I'm getting more used to shi, but I still don't like it. You can not use the undo button. And seriously what's the point of drawing on the computer if you can't undo? I might as well go out and buy some real paint and just uh, fucking paint? :"D Also you can't really use the copy tool. anything you draw or erase of someting that's been copied makes a very ugly pixel-y erase mark and shows off a secret layer where the original image is. God forbid you copy something, draw on it, then hit undo. Shi creates a whole new image for you taking bits and pieces from all the oekakis ever lost on the internet. :"DDD

Anyway, more blah, this came out fairly well, but I fucking spent forever zoomed in making the lines clean (which isn't that easy for some reason), only to find out I can do just as well if I just slash at the canvas a bunch of times till everything looks ok from a distance.

Tags: rant
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