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it's just one more day .. no one said there would be rain again

i really gotta pee :'D but i don't wanna get up cause i actually just got comfortable (kinda). what to do? what to do?

:O earlier (while i was helping kawa with overrides) this guy came into the office. he lives next door and is a total waste of space. he was really drunk (prolly high too) and he started to trying to talk to me through the lobby/office window thing about how pissed off he was with this guy (he's gay too, so i wasn't sure if he was talking about a boyfriend or a neighbor, he just kept pointing to the south :'D). then he starts talking about the disenrollies and stuff (a majority of his family was disenrolled from my tribe) and he was getting all red and angry, and i thought "great, he's gonna kill me or something, cause my uncle was on council when his family got disenrolled)

my mind always goes straight to survival strategy, so right away i was trying to figure out a way out of the office. i used to have a couple of escape paths, but they rearranged the office, so a lot of them don't work anymore, cause i had planned to use cabinets and other office furniture to block doors and stuff.

:O then i noticed that i had left the door in the lobby with the buzzer open!! so then i was like "crap .." cause the door to my office is right next to that door, and it doesn't have a lock anymore, cause i got locked out once, and randy (a hottie cop that doesn't work with us anymore) kicked the door in, destroying the lock ..

so this guy is like a crack head and can only weigh like 130-140 lbs, so i figure, if he's unarmed, i can take him. there are "weapons" a plenty in the office. like the space heater, or a telephone, pens ect. but if he has a gun or something, i'll have to try to out smart him .. or reach the door with the buzzer before he does (which isn't likely since the lobby is like 10ft x 7ft and even if he stands all the way across the lobby from the door with the buzzer he's still closer to it then me. and if i get stuck in my office, and he has a gun, all he has to do is shoot out one window and my only escape route is in clear view.

but then he left :')

i think he was trying to come on to me or something, but i was too busy trying to figure out a way to kill him before he could kill me to really notice till after he left.

so i shut the door with the buzzer and made sure it was locked.

i made a layout for kawa's journal.

i was testing it out on the caffeine angels journal, and when i was done, i signed off caffeine angels and signed back into my yume name, and ended up copying the overrides over to my yume journal.

at first i was really pissed, cause i thought i had lost my style, but it was still there. :O then!! i found out you can have a style and still use overrides. so i made up a quick override layout using the caffeine angels layout, only i made it all blue like. :'D now i don't have to make a style for my friends page or my calendar ..

:O and!! i was going back through my journal and like the first 8 or so entries won't load with my style, they would load with the clean & simple style .. but now they load with the overrides so they look like my friends/calendar page. thats so cool :')
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