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I really want to draw an oekaki. I wanted to draw on The Island, but www.thebrokenladder.com is down?

So then I was going to draw at Fearsome (my account is still alive after like 4 years? :'D), but then I saw a picture by bakenius and instantly got turned off of drawing all together. XD I don't know what it is exactly about him that irks me anymore. Initially it was the way he acted on LJ towards me, but I think it's evolved (like a pokémon?) into something irrational now. :"DD

also I found this while looking for a reason why the broken ladder might be down. XDD
I luffs you shufu!

ps - I really hurt my back the other morning. :'d Like it kind of hurts to breathe sometimes. XD

I got really pissy with Simon and Sammy last night cause they were .. being themselves (really) XD and now I am weary about going home incase I get all shitty with anyone else (aka mom) just cause I'm in a bad mood.
Tags: woe is me
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