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:'D man i love bee

oke, so a while back bee told me that i should download photoshop 7 (and painter 7) but i was all like ":O isn't that illegal?" like a stupid monkey :'D

look what i did..

orlando in sweater not finished

:') that's freaking beautiful .. i might actually buy photoshop (even if it is 500$ or whatever). the lines i did on oekaki central for the new room, but all the coloring/ect was done in photoshop. it's freaking late, so i'll finish tomorrow, but god damn .. :'D

:O oke so, the other day we were going to go see bringing down the house but no one was showing it after 10:30 pm, so we decided to go see the core (the core was *to steal a phrase from sailor moon* wicked cool!!). so we went to the texas, cause they have a fat burger, and none of us had had dinner.

so we were in line for popcorn and drinks for like 30 minutes, i exaggerate not. first, we get in line (there are only two open) and the black girl (yes i am in full on racist mode today :'D hate me if you want, i don't really care) behind the counter is talking to two of her friends that she got in for free. they talk for like 5 minutes before they decide it's time to pay for there crap (they paid like 2$ or 3$ for a large popcorn, two large drink and candy ..) yea, so its finally our turn, we get up there, i order 2 large drinks, an icee, large nacho and a small popcorn. by the time i finish ordering the girl has barely punched in the first large drink (which she then had to ask me what soda like 4 times). so she's putting the lids on our drinks and they don't fit. they are too small, this girls world is collapsing around her, she can not understand why the drink lids are too small. she finally realizes that they are the wrong lids, and get the right size (which she then puts on wrong). while she is putting the lids on, she sticks her finger in her ear and digs for god knows what for the longest time.

:'D i stand there waiting for her to touch my drink with her dirty earwax finger. she notices me watching her and ends up finishing the rest of the order one handed. anyway this can go on forever, she was really that stupid ..

but anyway, so we go to our theater and there are like 5 employees standing outside including a manager. no one says anything to us when we go in. we get in the theatre and go to get seats and all these black people start crawling out from behind the screen .. i kid you not, it was like watching roaches crawling out. at least 13 people in total crawl out. they are all wearing red, i don't mean they are all coincidentally wearing red, i mean they are all flashing a gang color.

the manager finally comes into the theater, but by then all the black guys have hidden again. so the manager walks back out. (tell me he does not notice 13 black guys walking out of an empty theater..)

so my mom and brother are laughing and crap, i was too a little, so then i asked my mom if we should have the staff check behind the screen, cause this group of 'boys' were so obviously a 'gang'. and she tells me not to be silly. um hello? don't we live in an age of sniper shooting and terrorist bombing? why is it silly for me to assume that a gang is planting some kind of explosive device behind the screen?

so most of those guys left, like 2 of them stayed i think cause they couldn't get past the idiot manager. the movie was good. then we left, went home.

so we're at home, its like 3:30 am and no one wants to go to bed. so i start doing a crossword puzzle and my mom and sammy do whatever they do, and somehow we got to talking about how i was the devil and going to hell. so i told them of course i was going to hell, i mean if anyone deserves to go to hell it not the two people that know nothing about their religion. two people who get baptized by said religion, just incase one of them doesn't survive a life threatening surgery and they want to get in good with god you know 'just in case'..

so my mom got really pissed off at me for a second because i said that. :'D

hmm .. yes, so .. there was a guy at the theater (like one of the people that clean up after movies) and he looked like orlando bloom, only mexican, it was all sexy like :D man i am stupid or something.
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