☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,


:l i ate a packet of green apple rip off chiclets earlier and I've had a weird taste in my mouth all night. I even brushed my teeth and it still won't go away.

I'm a little down about not being able to see kawa and jen. Also it appears that I've been paying one of my credit cards twice a month to two separate accounts. Now I have to double check to see how long I've been doing this and if the second payments have been getting to where they're supposed to. :'D And I've been over paying crap bills for some reason. I've really lost the hang of the adult routine.

I have been playing way too much WoW and watching way too much Smallville (I'm on season 4 - did you know they blew up Chloe? :"DD that's just insane. They Bl-iz-owed her Iz-up. :'DDDDDD). On the WoW front I've ressurected my old preist. I respecced her to pure Shadow and she fucking kicks ass. I haven't really tried my hand at pvp, but I have taken down a few elite NPCs.

They blowed her up! XDDD
Tags: wow
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