October 6th, 2004

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hm, i am um .. better. i suppose. i still wake up a little dry? i dunno if that's the right word.

my diabetes is like better also. i guess. there's drama with the pharmasict and my doctor. but it's lame. i'm going to try to "talk" to them tomorrow and hopefully it won't end with anyone bleeding, atleast unless it's bleeding for a purpose :'D aka i am fasting right now.

XD i talked to simon about it the other day he told me that the reason the doctor and pharmacist are being assholes is because my medication for my diabetes has a very small amount of some kind of controlled substance and they're worried that i will become some kind of sexy fabulous drug addict. then that bastard dashed my dreams of ODing in the bathroom by telling me that the amount wasn't large enough for a sexy drugg addiction like all the cool kids have :'[

i asked him if he could juggle his schedule around to come with me to neko con and he said he'd see, so that might be cool. he's been bugging me forever about visiting so i told him that he should drive up and pick me up and i could stay with him for 2 or 3 days then we could both fly out to maryland or whatever and do neko con with kawa, jen and remy then i can fly back to vegas and he can fly back to new mexico or whatever back water airport they have down there :'D

XD i have to wait for kawa to talk to jen though, i didn't think there'd be any prob there, but who knows. XD actually i don't even know if i can go yet so it's all just talk right now.

i really need a vacation though.

oh yea .. XD everyone keeps telling me that once i get my blood sugar levels down that i "will feel so much better" like it's the brand new drug or something, but i've gotten my sugar down about 200 points and i actually feel worse? :'D it might just be cause i'm getting over being sick, but maybe everyone who says stupid things like that are just assholes :'D?
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