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01 July 2004 @ 05:34 am

:d i kind of figured my cliques would look something like that from the mindmap meme thing i did a while back. since then i noticed that a lot of us had similar friends/interests listed.

i skipped work so that we could go see spiderman 2 :'D it was pretty good. mostly i liked it for all the 'panty-flash' shots of the spandex suit ;u; kristen dunst looks very tired.

TTuTT i got my wrecked dvds in the mail today. i need to find a program that lets you make screencaps from dvds. XD
then i will do a series of pictures with spike's ass in them :'D

:'d now that i know the seller isn't gonna scam me i think i will get the other 4 daily sets she has.

XD it's weird, cause i took theatre all during highschool and did a couple of side classes (one for tv acting or something) but i never really thought about all that stuff when watching buffy. i watched some of the scenes with willow, when she's all junked up and 'floating' on the ceiling and how they did it a couple of times and stuff and i was all like .. "oh yea, its all acting" XD i guess watching the dailies took away a little of the magic, but it's still very neat to see how its all done. it kind of gives the show a new angle or something.

oh yea .. TToTT i got some crazy dandruff shampoo and tried it out today. it says your only supposed to use it twice a week, but i don't really see any results :'d i hope it works, this is really annoying.

also, the shampoo made my head itchy. i dunno what's wrong with me, but i don't seem to get the normal symptoms for stuff like athletes foot or dandruff, esp. itching. but after putting that shampoo on i'm itchy. i hope it's not an allergy ;u;
the shampoo also made my hair feel very stringy/course. XD i don't know if i can use a conditioner with it, so i didn't

TTuTT it smells weird too, the box said it had a 'pleasent scent' but it smells like mothballs or old ladies, or old ladies covered in mothballs. my mom said it smelled clean to her, but i suspect she's lying. she has this stupid tendency to lie directly to me about things like that for some reason.
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01 July 2004 @ 11:25 pm
:'d there is something so wrong withn my eyes ..
it makes me wanna cry cry cry .. or maybe die die die,
possibly eat some pie pie pie?

XD crap that reminds me there's pie at home *note to self* destroy all pie (at home) *o*

but forealZ yo, my allergies must be acting up or something, my contacts are all iritating today.

:O ok! so the pain i had around my torso was just (finally fucking) going away the other day. then i went to brush my teeth, and i had to bend over the sink cause i didn't wanna spit on myself (something i did like once, but really don't wanna do again :'D) and i gagged (XD i bet we can all guess why, ;o; and that makes me sad) and unto me the sky did open and god appeared ..

*o* he then proceeded to beat me mightly. aka i figured out what made me all hurty painful around the torso to begin with :'D

XD so now i am in even more pain then before and i'm kind of afraid to brush my teeth ;u;

ps - i've had this open for a couple of hours i think XD
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