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26 June 2004 @ 08:57 pm
sometimes i think that i write in this thing when i really don't, but i think i do, so i assume it must have happened.


XD i had a weird dream last night, shufu was in it.

:'d in the dream we were at an amusment park of some kind getting on this new rollercoaster that went so has that when people watched you go by you appeared all blured like in cartoons. the people running the rollercoaster didn't seat us together, so shufu moved to a seat closer to me. so we rode the rollercoaster and it was fun and all, but when we were getting off people kept bumping into us XD so we figured out that no one could see or hear us.
:'d we were trying to get out of the park without anyone running us over when a park employee with some fancy headgear found us and took us to some fenced in area where there were more 'invisable' people. the others explained that the rollercoaster we'd been on had some flaw in it that made some people faze out of reality or something, so that no one could see or hear them. the park knew all about it but didn't warn anyone because it would ruin the park. they did routine searches after ever run for people like us, who they locked up and let die.

:'D things got weird after that (i'm pretty sure i was waking up by then) cause we had formed a plan to escape by catching a squirrel and makeing .. squirrel glue.

:'d i seem to have developed dandruff .. but only on one side of my head. this comes as i finally get rid of the crazy athletes foot (XD) so i can only assume that i am being haunted by an evil robot ghost come back as an annoying skin condition.

:d i can't stop listening to this song. it commands my soul. i even downloaded the original punk/metal/whatever (i don't know genres) version.
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Thursday - A Hole In The World